Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

Responsible travel doesn't mean giving things up - it's about giving things back! It's about making conscious choices to let your holiday have a positive impact on the communities you choose to visit - environmentally, socially and economically. Our aim is to continue to offer top quality service and hospitality at value-for-money prices while striving to build on the positive impacts, and decrease the negative impacts of tourism to our beautiful destination. For more information on how you can make a difference before, during and after you travel, check out Responsible Travel Handbook

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Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a Purpose

Make a difference in the lives of children around the world. Use available space in your luggage to provide supplies to the communities you visit. Did you know that if just 500 individuals pack 5 lbs (2.27 kgs) each, we can provide 1.25 tons of supplies! Jollyboys is proud to have partnered with Pack for a Purpose - we welcome supplies for the Lubasi Children’s Home.

Going Green!

Our team at Jollyboys understand that our business is reliant on our amazing location – and our amazing location is reliant taking care of the planet we all share. We aim to constantly upgrade and improve our facilities and services to become more environmentally friendly and to limit our impact on the Earth.

Staff Empowerment

We have a great team here at Jollyboys! We believe that a happy working environment makes for happy, healthy and secure workforce. Many of our staff members have worked for Jollyboys for more than five years and we’ve even employed two generations of the same family! In Zambia, tourism employs over 21,000 people – statistical folks reckon that for every person employed in Zambia, 8 more people are directly supported. That means that by coming to our beautiful country and enjoying what it has to offer, you are making a positive impact on a lot of people!

Jollyboys offers interest-free loans to each and every member of staff to pay for such important purchases as land acquisition, home renovations, business start-up costs and children's school fees. Loans are expensive and difficult to secure in Zambia so the ability to have access to micro-credit is invaluable.

Knowledge is power and through continuous learning we can better our position in the world. At Jollyboys we believe in education and continuous vocational training to provide transferable skills over the full length of an employee’s working career. Any staff member is able to apply for educational bursaries - we have staff members training in accounting, computer skills, driving, and hotel management.

Jollyboys has teamed up with USAID and Share International for an on-going Private Public Partnership focusing on HIV Peer Education within the workforce. Eight members of the Jollyboys team have attended workshops to better understand the HIV pandemic and offer empathy and understanding to those in our community living with the disease.

Although Zambia has a relatively efficient health care system, the costs of medication and procedures are out of the realm of the average person. At Jollyboys, we believe that access to quality and efficient medical attention is a basic human right and as such, the company pays for all prescription medication and procedures that any member of our staff team may require.

Community Involvement

Lubasi Children's Home and Jollyboys have a long-term partnership. Since the inception of Lubasi, meaning 'the family' in Lozi, Jollyboys has provided this special haven with literally truckloads of assistance over the years. There are a number projects that add up to a big impact!

  • When backpacks get too heavy – why not donate some of those unnecessary items to a good cause! Clothes, towels, shampoo - every bit helps and is delivered the orphanage weekly
  • The extensive Jollyboys book exchange has a mandatory k2000 donation that raises funds to purchase educational books, games and boxes of food.
  • Every year at Christmas, our guests have the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with all of the children at Lubasi. This is certainly a highlight of our year! Jollyboys sponsors a lunch feast and has individual presents for each of the 50+ children. Santa has even been known to make an appearance sweating in the summer heat!
  • We play a game of football with the kids every Sunday at 3pm where everyone is welcome to join in the fun! If your soccer skills aren’t up to scratch then grab a book or a board game!
  • If you have more time then please speak to us about longer volunteer opportunities - it's a great way to find out more about the local culture and to really make a positive impact on the community.

Jollyboys have been mentoring Kennedy Chaile to develop and build his own safari and travel business. In 2008 Kennedy started his company, and together with the help from the directors of Jollyboys, has ventured into budget safaris focusing on Kafue National Park and Western Zambia. Kennedy has been in tourism for more than 11 years, holding such positions as lodge manager, guest relations and safari guide and has the determination and drive to be a successful entrepreneur. He is an excellent cook so book onto his day tour in Livingstone focusing on Zambian culture and cuisine!

Sometimes people just need a break! When Joyce's clothing shop in the market, including all of her stock, was burnt to the ground there seemed to be little hope; there was no money to rebuild. When we heard her story (and checked out her daughter's amazing hairstyles) a new vocation and opportunity arose! Joyce now provides guests of Jollyboys with personalized hairdressing services! Joyce, and her daughter Sheila, can often be seen plaiting hair in the comfort of the lodge surroundings.